Terms and Conditions and Guarantee

  1. In these Conditions:-
    “The Order / contract’’ shall mean the contract formed by the client and Cornish Cabinet & Joinery Co.
    “The Goods” shall include services including design (where agreed), supply and installation (where agreed).
    “Proprietary Goods” shall mean unused Goods of a standard type not designed or modified by us or by you on our instructions or by some
    third party on our behalf.

  2. After an order is placed the customer will be issued with a document called “Customer Obligations” this must be read and complied with to
    ensure a safe and organised installation, due to our recommendation we will not be responsible for any damage caused if the room is
    decorated prior to installation against our advice but we will always take good care in all cases, the room must be clear of obstructive items
    and any electrical work and carpet/gripper rod removal completed before we arrive, any delay to our fitter may lead to a surcharge if we
    exceed the allocated installation time through this circumstance, if agreed to fit on carpet we will cover any floor coverings to our best

    We cannot be held responsible for any electrical sockets or other items hidden by existing furniture or fitments that become a problem to the
    installation and if a cost is incurred in moving or re moving the item this will be chargeable to the client unless the client undertakes the action
    of moving the item themselves

  3. The Goods shall conform to the specifications, drawings*, samples or descriptions furnished or adopted by us but are liable to dimensional
    changes after which a survey has taken place to determine the design feasibility and dimension correction throughout the production design
    process, any panel or painted work surface cannot exceed the manufactured raw material which is 2440mm for veneered/painted products
    or 2800mm for other products, any panel over this length will have a good joint produced either in manufacturing or by the installer.

    The goods are merchantable and free from defect in material and workmanship and are to an industry standard. In the case of Proprietary
    Goods you shall give us advance notice of all changes in specification or design. Any late changes may result in cost implications and
    programme constraints.

  4. The Goods will be delivered in the quantities and at the date stated in the Order or in accordance with our material control schedules or other
    instructions. We reserve the right to adjust our specified rate of delivery at any time and agree with you the changes.

  5. No cancellation of the order or part of the order will be accepted by us without our prior written agreement and any works carried out prior
    to cancellation including design, production processing, materials and administration will be charged accordingly. (14 days purchase law

    Once a deposit has been received the contract is binding and the work must be carried out within a maximum period of 3 months otherwise
    the quoted price may not stand and a recalculation of the work will be made

  6. Payment Terms: unless otherwise agreed, the payment terms are:

    (i) 50% deposit with signed order form
    (ii) 50% Final payment 7 days before the day before delivery/installation
    (iii) All payments by BACS/Transfer (NO CHEQUES or CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS)

    *Any computer generated plan and elevation views are for guidance only and are not technically accurate, design and positions of handles,
    door detail and colours will differ from the actual product and only samples supplied by us are to be used for finish/colour referencing.
    Any queries regarding the elevations and plans must be forwarded before the order is confirmed otherwise they cannot be addressed after
    this process.

    The “Order form” will be signed by the client before the commencement of any work. This is a document to agree the price and specification
    detail and is a binding contract of works.

    Late payment will result with interest charges accumulating from the due date, in line with the government law standards. If payment is still
    not received within 14 days after the due date, the outstanding amount will attract further interest.

    If all payments have not been received 30 days after the payment due date we have the right to remove all fixed materials to the value of any
    outstanding payments due.

  7. Unless otherwise agreed in writing the property of all goods remains our responsibility, unless they are unpacked, installed and paid for at
    which time the goods become the client’s property.

  8. We shall not be liable to any failure to fulfil obligations under the Order if such failure is attributable to force majeure.

  9. The Order and all matters arising there from shall be construed and take effect according to the Laws of England.

  10. Our own manufactured products are guaranteed for a period of 12 years from date of invoice/Installation and cover poor manufacturing
    and installation workmanship, failure of any components through normal use. Natural woods are prone to mellowing with age and exposure
    to UV, paint may also be affected by strong sunlight, these are fair wear and tear and are not covered within the guarentee.

    The guarantee does not cover light fittings including bulbs, glass/mirrors, hardware, poor or incorrect installation if not installed by ourselves,
    misuse/abuse, natural wear and tear, any damage caused by adverse climatic conditions such as extreme heat or cold or high moisture or
    humidity levels.

    All bought in goods will carry the manufacturers own warranties
    Any guarantee forms must be completed and registered by the client.

Customer Obligations

To ensure an efficient and safe installation customers are requested to ensure the following;

  • Please ensure our delivery vehicle can access the most suitable entry to the property
  • All entry routes and room access to be clear of obstacles that may impede or endanger the movement of the furniture components
  • Remove any large ornaments or pictures on the stairways
  • Ensure the working room is as clear as can be, in smaller rooms the bed needs to be removed or stood up to give a good size working area for the fitter to assemble and cut furniture products.
  • Ensure at least one working electrical socket is available in the room
  • Remove any old fitted furniture* carpets, gripper rods prior to our arrival *If a rip out is included please ensure the old units are clear of any possessions
  • Do not wallpaper the room prior to installation, painting of walls is fine but there may be some touching up required after installation, be assured the fitters are always very respectful of a client’s home but will not accept liability for damaged paintwork or wall paper.

As health and safety and a smooth installation is paramount please adhere to these obligations and notify us beforehand of any issues.
We or our fitters do not accept liability for delays should these obligations not be adhered to and should this cause delays this may
incur additional cost.