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Your Lounge is the place you go to unwind, your study is your space to work and create. Why should both rooms not be equally as comfortable and tailored to meet your individual needs?

We offer both fully fitted and freestanding lounge and study furniture, all handmade in our workshops to exacting standards. Our styles and designs take inspiration from the Cornish coastal landscape so they look beautiful whilst also being practical.

Fitted lounge furniture

At Cornish Cabinet and Joinery Co, we can design, manufacture and install a beautiful fully fitted bedroom that will be exactly as you wish.

A lounge is much more than a sofa and a coffee table; the modern lounge incorporates comfort, practicality and entertainment.

Home entertainment is becoming a vastly important vestige of modern life. We love our gadgets, sound systems, televisions and games consoles.

Whether you collect vinyl records or books, why not store and present them in a practical and beautiful way?

We work with you to give you the entire package exactly as you want, beautifully installed and bespoke to your room. Many older houses pose challenges which require bespoke solutions, such as angled ceilings or fireplace alcoves. These awkward spaces can be utilised through custom alcove units and angled units.

We take our inspiration from our surroundings when designing our pieces. There are few more beautiful and inspirational places in the world than Cornwall.

Bespoke study furniture

With more and more people working from home, a comfortable work environment at home is becoming increasingly important. Whether for a child’s homework, or running your business from your home office, we design and manufacture bespoke furniture to meet your needs.

Modern problems require innovative solutions, something which our team can guide you through with our years of expertise. Our team will work with you from the initial inquiry to the final installation.

While you’ll instantly see how passionate we are about bespoke furniture, you’ll also appreciate the enthusiastic, friendly and always professional approach of

the Cornish Cabinet and Joinery Co team. We are proud of the many clients we work with who return to us for further orders, and we want to add you to that list.

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We believe that anything British Made is something to be proud of which is why we source all of our materials carefully and we are proud to put our name on everything that we produce.

“Really great experience. William was very engaged throughout, the design process was excellent and the finished units are absolutely top quality. Highly recommended”

Lounge & Study Projects

Let's craft something unique

Your space, your style. Let’s bring your vision to life with bespoke fitted furniture.

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