Cost of Customising a Fitted Bedroom: A Comprehensive Guide

Average guide price of fitted bedroom

When it comes to creating a bespoke fitted bedroom, the cost can vary significantly depending on several factors. While we often provide an average guide price of £5,000-£15,000, it’s crucial to understand that numerous elements contribute to the final pricing. In fact, we have designed bedrooms ranging from as little as £3,500 to as high as £30,000. To shed light on this topic, we will explore the various factors that influence the cost of a fitted bedroom.

Size and Configuration

The size of the room plays a vital role in determining the overall cost. The more extensive the run of wardrobes or storage units, the higher the price will be. Additionally, the number of doors and units impacts the cost. For example, two 300mm wide doors will generally cost more than a single 600mm wide door. Clever planning can help minimise unnecessary expenses. As a rule of thumb, it’s advisable to opt for the fewest number of wide doors that can fit the available space, thus reducing costs.

Room Constraints

Rooms with angled ceilings or walls require special attention. We custom make our units and doors to fit these requirements, although there might be additional labour costs associated with producing angled units. While this may sometimes be unavoidable, it’s important for customers to be aware of potential extra expenses.

Carcase Material and Construction

Choosing the right carcase material is another factor affecting the cost of a bespoke fitted bedroom. Full carcase construction offers superior durability, featuring a solid 18mm back and predrilled, CNC-aligned internal fitments. In contrast, front frame construction, commonly offered by cheaper alternatives, involves hanging doors on frames and loosely fitting internals. We encourage the use of full carcase construction, as it provides a sturdy and accurate result. 

Different materials are available, each with its own price range:

1. MFC (Melamine Faced Chipboard): This is the most affordable option, commonly used by major suppliers.

2. Veneer: Mid-tier and highly versatile, veneer involves a layer of real wood on an MDF core, providing an elegant finish.

3. Plywood & Block Board: Considered top-tier, these materials offer exceptional durability, aesthetic appeal and are typically finished with lacquer and oils.

Door Finish, Material, and Style

The choice of door finish greatly impacts the cost. Our standard offering is Finsa Hidrofugo Moisture Resistent MDF painted, which exceeds the quality of many competitors. We do not provide cheap quality options such as vinyl-wrapped or foil-painted doors. Instead, all our doors are meticulously hand-sprayed with AC paint. Solid wood doors are available as an upgrade, further increasing the price. Additionally, the distinction between Lay On and In-Frame styles affects pricing, with In-Frame doors featuring a hand-fitted frame around each door, adding to the overall cost.

Internal Options for Wardrobes

We offer a variety of internal fitments which come at a variety of costings. Options include hanging rails, shelving, shoe shelves, drawers, and even luxurious lighting solutions. The inclusion of these internal features will influence the final cost.

Drawer Options

Drawer construction also affects the price. Our standard drawers are matched with your cabinets, either with MFC or veneer, employing glue and dowel construction for superior quality compared to cheaper alternatives. For a premium product, customers can opt for solid wood or plywood dovetailed drawers constructed with dovetail joints using solid materials.

Trims and Mouldings:

There are more than one style of plinth, side infills and top moulding available. As the complexity of the styles progress, more more processes are required to achieve it’s look.

Cabinet and Carcase Construction:

Our cabinets and carcases are constructed to the highest standards, ensuring longevity and structural integrity. Regardless of the chosen material, be it MFC, veneer, or birch plywood, our cabinets are crafted with the same quality of hardware and processes. Our built-up cabinets are fully glued and dowelled, then set in a press for squareness and strength.

Bedroom Wardrobe Internals:

We offer a wide array of options for internal configurations, allowing customers to tailor their wardrobes to their specific needs. Whether you choose a Full Carcase or Front Frame design, the same choices for internal fitments are available. 

Full Carcase wardrobes always include a back and floor, while Front Frame wardrobes provide a more open appearance, often showcasing the floor and back wall. 

Internal fitments range from shelving, hanging rails, and drawers to wirework, solid pull-outs, shoe racks, mirrors, and LED lighting.

Handle Selection

Lastly, selecting the right handles for your bedroom or kitchen adds a finishing touch. Our extensive range offers various styles and finishes, from modern to traditional. While choosing handles might seem like a minor detail, we understand their significance and provide guidance to ensure you find the perfect match for your custom design.

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Creating a bespoke fitted bedroom involves numerous factors that influence the cost. From the size and configuration of the room to the materials chosen for carcases, doors, and internal features, each decision contributes to the final price. By carefully considering these aspects and working closely with our team, you can create a tailored space that meets your unique requirements while remaining within your budget.

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