Transforming Kitchen Storage: Seamlessly Integrated Pantry Project

At Cornish Cabinet & Joinery, we take pride in our ability to create bespoke furniture that not only meets our clients’ needs but also seamlessly integrates with their existing spaces. In this recent kitchen project, we were approached by a client who desired additional storage space while maintaining the aesthetic harmony of their current kitchen furniture. Our team rose to the challenge, delivering a stunning pantry solution that blended seamlessly into their kitchen and provided the much-needed storage space they desired.

Harmonising Style and Contrast

To ensure a perfect blend with the existing kitchen furniture, we carefully matched the style of the doors and frames of the pantry to the client’s Cornish Shaker In-Frame design with Cockbead. However, instead of attempting to achieve an imperfect colour match, we recommended a contrasting colour scheme. The pantry features a captivating paint colour, Farrow & Ball’s All White, which beautifully complements the existing kitchen while adding a touch of distinction. The contrasting colour choice ensured a flawless integration, bringing a harmonious balance to the overall kitchen design.

Meticulous Attention to Detail

We approached this project with meticulous precision. The client had faced challenges during the build, and we understood the importance of delivering a result that exceeded expectations. Knowing that colour matches can never be 100% perfect, we advised the client to embrace the contrast. By steering away from white for the interior, we not only eliminated the risk of a cheap appearance but also considered the practicality of maintenance, avoiding the quick accumulation of dirt. Additionally, the choice of an interior colour that matched the solid oak spice rack brought a cohesive and unified feel to the pantry.

Purposeful Design for Appliance Housing

The client required a solution to house their internal appliances, presenting us with the opportunity to showcase our expertise in tailored design. We embarked on a meticulous measurement process, ensuring that every detail of each appliance was accounted for. By taking precise measurements, we were able to create custom compartments that perfectly accommodated each appliance, ensuring proper functionality and seamless integration within the pantry.

Our commitment to excellence shines through in this kitchen pantry project. With a focus on attention to detail, personalised design, and the client’s exact specifications, we transformed their kitchen into a space that combines style and functionality.

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