Bespoke Fitted Cabinet Furniture Fowey: King Lounge, Cornwall

Located in Fowey with stunning town and river views, the King Lounge exemplifies the exquisite craftsmanship of Cornish Cabinet. This Victorian flat, adorned in coastal colours, serves as a showcase for our exceptional quality fitted cabinet furniture. Step onto the balcony, embrace the panoramic view, and experience the beauty of our bespoke creations.

Nautical Inspiration and Classic Style

The colour scheme of the King Lounge draws inspiration from the sea, with Farrow & Ball’s Stone Blue and Hague Blue setting the stage for a nautical-themed interior. To complement this coastal palette, we opted for classic Cornish Shaker doors, which exude timeless elegance. The open painted display units feature Oak veneer interiors finished in oil and wax, creating a warm and inviting ambience.

An Eye For Detail

Every detail of the King Lounge was carefully considered to maximise functionality and aesthetic appeal. The worktops, crafted from Oak staves, measure 28mm thick, offering a softer effect than the standard 40mm worktops. What sets the open shelving apart is that we painted them after assembly, creating a seamless, one-piece unit without any visible joins. To ensure sturdiness, neatness, and longevity, we used metal insert pegs for the shelf, providing a robust foundation for our client’s treasured items.

The Best Of Bespoke Cabinetry in Cornwall

One of the highlights of the King Lounge is its bespoke design, perfectly tailored to fit the uneven space. In particular, the alcove required custom-sized units, precisely measured down to the millimetre to match the varying dimensions of each side. The result is a seamless integration that showcases our commitment to precision and craftsmanship. From fitting the central units to the protrusion with unparalleled accuracy to creating a large storage unit that cleverly straddles a desk space, every aspect was meticulously executed.

Functional Workstation and Hidden Storage

Collaborating with the talented architect Robert Davis, we were entrusted with furnishing the lounge area of this renovation project. Our craftsmanship shines through in the large storage unit on the left-hand side, featuring bifold doors that open to reveal a well-appointed workstation. Inside, a custom configuration awaits, complete with overhead storage, an elevated screen shelf made from the same 28mm worktop, and a pull-out keyboard shelf with a solid oak lipping. A hidden gem in the very left-hand base unit is the pull-out printer shelf, ensuring both practicality and a clutter-free workspace.

A Special Thanks

We would like to extend our gratitude to architect Robert Davis, who spearheaded the renovation project and allowed us the opportunity to contribute to the creation of the King Lounge. His vision, combined with our expertise, resulted in a truly remarkable space that seamlessly blends style and functionality.

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The King Lounge is just one example of our commitment to creating bespoke, handcrafted furniture that elevates living spaces. If you’re inspired by this project and would like to explore more of our work, visit our website and browse through our portfolio.

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