Crafting Elegance: The Bespoke Kitchen Journey in Devoran, Cornwall

In the picturesque village of Devoran, we were commissioned to create a bespoke fitted kitchen and boot room.

As with all our commissions, we take time to measure up and explore, considering every practical use for the space. Some kitchens also serve as dining rooms, and we need to create a multi-functional area. Others enjoy direct access to the rear garden, so wet coats and dirty boots become a consideration. Some stand alone in the house, while others have to endure constant traffic.

Whatever the situation, we design kitchens to become a focal point of the home. In this blog, we’ll take you on an exciting exploration of the creative process for the recent design and crafting of a unique culinary space.

bespoke kitchen devoran

CAD Drawings Unveiling Potential

The design process was very hands-on. Once our team acquired an understanding of the space, the design journey continued with the creation of detailed CAD drawings. These underwent several iterations as the design developed.

Mood boards and Pinterest played a large role in bringing forward the concepts the client wished to see in their kitchen. For example, the mantel evolved in real-time from a standard extractor to a regular built-in mantel, which would have required the builder to construct a stud wall mantel for us to build our furniture into.

These digital blueprints served as a roadmap, allowing the clients to visualise the transformation from concept to reality.

We then invited the customers, Natalie and Andrew, to our workshop, where we could go through the various samples of cabinet materials and finishes. This ensured that the clients understood the different options and considerations.

Our Favourite Features

The Devoran Kitchen project stands out thanks to its exceptional features, meticulously crafted to elevate form and function. From tulipwood doors to custom ogee boards, here are the key elements that make this kitchen a bespoke masterpiece:

In-Frame Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Exemplifying high-end, traditional craftsmanship, in-frame kitchen doors are distinctively designed with a fixed face frame attached to the cabinet. Unlike conventional lay-on doors, these doors are hinged directly from this sturdy frame using a classic butt hinge, offering a refined aesthetic and robust functionality, as opposed to the more common 110-degree soft-close furniture hinges. These frames add a lot of visual texture and character to the kitchen, emboldening the doors and giving a sturdy look to everything.

Ornate Ogee Skirting

This sturdy look is further strengthened by the use of Ogee skirting instead of a standard setback plinth. The Ogee plinth is also matched under trim around the bottom of the mantel and again on the angled top mould on top of the mantel and run of tall units. This enhances the kitchen’s overall look and seamlessly integrates with the mantel and tall units for a harmonious and upscale appearance.

Bespoke Mantel Masterpiece

The Shaw kitchen boasts a bespoke mantel, a great talking piece, as it was custom-made. We pieced the design together over a few iterations by taking to Google and Pinterest, picking elements of various styles the client liked, and making something unique from that mood board. The big chunky corbels were cut and shaped by hand to the size and spec of the customer. This was painted after it was fully assembled and had to be lifted onto a French cleat fixed into a large pattress that the builder sank into the wall to take the weight.

Sturdy and Stylish Carcases

All of the carcases in the main kitchen are birch plywood, which is finished in oil and wax. Complemented by matching birch plywood dovetailed drawer boxes, the kitchen cabinets are incredibly solid and stable and exude sophisticated craftsmanship.

Key features include

  • Plywood Cabinets: Solid and stable, birch plywood carcases finished in oil and wax provide a foundation of strength and durability.
  • Plywood Dovetailed Drawers: Matching birch plywood dovetailed drawer boxes showcase precision and craftsmanship, ensuring smooth functionality.
  • Ogee Skirting Boards: Ogee skirting boards add a touch of sophistication, seamlessly integrating with the kitchen’s design.
  • Custom Ogee Boards for the Utility: The utility space features custom Ogee boards, creating a cohesive design throughout the kitchen.
  • Matching Brass Hardware: Consistency is key, with matching brass handles, hinges, magnetic door stoppers, and shelf pegs adding a luxurious touch.
  • Belfast Sink with Solid Oak Base: The kitchen focal point features a Belfast sink with a solid oak base, marrying aesthetics with practicality.
  • Upgraded Shelf Peg Style: Thicker 8mm pegs with matching brass inserts elevate the shelf peg style, combining strength and elegance.
  • In-Frame Wine Rack: A bespoke in-frame wine rack adds a touch of opulence, seamlessly integrating into the kitchen’s design.
  • T&G End Kickboard and Quadrant End Panels: Tongue and groove end kickboards and quadrant end panels contribute to the kitchen’s cohesive and timeless aesthetic.

A Splash of Colour: Evolving from Blue to Obsidian Green

Colour plays a pivotal role in the aesthetic appeal of a bespoke fitted kitchen. In the case of our Devoran project, the journey began with a vision in blue. However, the creative process is a dynamic one, and as the design evolved, so did the palette.

After careful consideration and several revisions through shades of blues, greens, and beige, the homeowners decided on a stunning obsidian green. This deep, rich hue harmonises with the natural surroundings of Cornwall and adds a touch of sophistication and timelessness to the kitchen space.

Utility & Boot Room

In the adjoining utility, the style was tied to the kitchen, but the colour choice was a more muted cool arbour. While some budget-control measures were taken in this area, we retained the Charlestown door style, top moulding and the Ogee skirting to help maintain the general look and create a flow between the two spaces.

Key features include

  • Belfast sink with solid oak base
  • Custom Ogee skirting
  • Hand shaped corbels
  • T&G Backboard and end panels
  • Bespoke lift-up banquet seat
shaw utility room devoran

Handcrafted Excellence: Bringing Dreams to Life

The transition from concept to completion involved the skilled hands of artisans, bringing the bespoke kitchen to life. From handcrafted cabinets to bespoke countertops, every detail was considered and executed with precision. This hands-on approach ensured that the final product was not just a kitchen but a work of art, reflecting the unique personality and lifestyle of the homeowners.

bespoke kitchen mantel devoran

The final result is a space designed for every family member to enjoy. The fusion of meticulous design, precision engineering, and artisanal craftsmanship results in a kitchen that is not just functional but awe-inspiring.

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